2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Review

The new Corolla Hatchback Touring Sports Car is all set to hit the roads in 2019. It is certainly creating quite a bit of excitement and therefore it would be worthwhile to see more of this new car. This is the third generation version of the highly popular C segment of cars. It does have some distinctive new looks and comes with some features which have made it quite appealing in looks. Let us therefore spend some time getting to know more about the 2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports vehicle.


The new dynamic exterior design is a big takeaway and it certainly is longer and lower that the precious models. It is according to OKC car detailing experts going to be a new experience as far as next generation of hybrid driving is concerned. The styling is very appealing and attractive. The length has increased by 40 mm. This allows for a more comfortable cabin and makes it more spacious. The height has been reduced by around 25 mm and this adds to the overall looks and makes it look very sleek. The bonnet height also has been reduced and this gives the driver a better view of the road ahead. The bi-tone color scheme is another big point which makes it quite attractive.

The interiors re extremely stylish and care has been taken to increase the rear and front seating space because of the overall increase in the length of the car. The dash board is sexy and the steering wheel is soft to touch and easy to handle. The acoustics have also been give push and this means that you can experience a decent drive and the outside noise and sound has been filtered to quite some extent.


This new car from Toyota to hit the roads in 2019 is a part of the TNGA or Tata New Global Architecture. Apart from the design which has some cutting edge additions. The low stance design ensures that you have a lower center of gravity than before. This give better stability and handling. The visually distinctive and good look is a matter of discussion amongst experts.Junk Car Pittsburgh


The engine is quite powerful and it comes with an impressive 168 HP capacity and can generate a torque of 151 lb/ft. Though it may not exactly be a powerhouse it could be good enough to get past steep inclines with minimum effort. It can easily accelerate and get past slow traffic. It has a six speed manual and the gates are not very difficult to find. The rev matching system can be switched off with the press of a button. It has a reasonably good fuel economy and can offer an impressing 30 mph in city conditions and 38 mps in highways. On the whole the good work that has been done in the previous versions of Toyota Corolla has been carried forward with this new version which will soon be hitting the market.


 Though the exact details of the price are not known, the grapevine story mentions that the price would be around $24000 for the hatchback variant (XSE CVT). The SE MT would cost around $20,000.00