Importance Of Proper Clothing In Golf

In the present day, fitness is the ultimate goal. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, fitness is extremely important. It does not only help us keep our body weight in check but also helps us in getting a better and healthier life. Today, a lot of games and sports can help in getting a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is a competitive game or just games that you play for fun, few things are very important. One of those things is the correct clothing while playing any kind of sport.


Clothing can enhance your performance and bad clothing can also restrict your movements. Most importantly when talking about games like golf and badminton proper clothing is a must. It is not only about hitting the ball in golf but there is a lot more that is required in a game of golf. Your hands need to be strong, you need to have a proper Posture while playing and you need to wear clothes that are breathable and comfortable. Here is an article about the importance of clothes in the game of golf.


Best Clothing Options For Golf


Golf is a game where you constantly need to spread your hands and legs to obtain a particular stance. You may require to lunge and stretch as well which may become very difficult when wearing clothes that are not appropriate. In this case, wearing golf skirts and ladies, sleeveless golf shirts can be a good idea. Here are a few appropriate clothing options while playing golf.


  • Men’s and women’s shirts
  • Golf slacks
  • Capris
  • Ladies sleeveless golf shirts
  • Ladies golf dress
  • Golf skorts
  • Half sleeve shirts


Benefits Of Proper Clothing


Here are a few benefits of wearing proper clothing while playing golf.


  • Proper clothing builds confidence. It helps in better movement which gives the player more confidence.
  • Helps in the prevention of injuries.
  • Enhances the player’s performance. This is because when you have proper clothing on you get to take better stances and strokes which helps in performing better.
  • Helps in absorbing sweat and repels heat. These clothing materials are mainly absorbent material that helps in absorbing the sweat from the body of the player and keeps them dry and fresh throughout the game.
  • Makes the player more comfortable while playing. The more absorbent the material the more comfortable the player is. This prevents them from feeling sweaty and itchy because of the heat and sweat and they can be comfortable while playing.
  • Provides Freedom of movement to the player. Good clothing gives freer movement and helps them in enhancing their overall performance.


Final Words


Proper clothing is a very important factor when playing golf. In the case of ladies, Proper athletic clothing like ladies sleeveless golf shirts is very important for them to easily take their stances and strokes. The breathability of the clothes is very important and the material as well. It is important to choose clothes that are made up of absorbent material so that we the player do not have to deal with excessive sweating while playing golf.

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Choosing Best Golf Skorts for Women

Trendy and fashionable, along with being comfortable for sports and activities that can’t be done while wearing a skirt – this is what every woman needs. Skirts are pretty and give you a feminine look, yet they do not give the freedom to move with instinct, ease, and comfort, that usually is required in sports. To maintain a feminine look while being comfortable to move around freely, is what ‘skorts’ promise.

The word, ‘skort,’ came from combining the words ‘skirt’ and ‘shorts’. Like it’s name, it’s a skirt with a pair of in-built shorts, a pair of shorts that have wide leg holes, which resembles a skirt. Skorts were initially called ‘Trouser Skirts’ and were a fashion statement in the sixties, but weren’t considered appropriate for sports. However, it was adopted, later, in sportswear, after it was found to meet the demands of female athletes.

Lately, a lot of styles of skorts have come up. From skorts that meet the demands of creating a fashion statement, while being impractical for sports, to the modest and practical  ones, that make up for cute womens golf skorts, they are now in a lot of demand from the female population.

Golf is a sport played all over the world, by both men and women. Skorts have made it easier for women to play the sport, and also has given them the confidence to try and play it.

Types of Golf Skorts

There are many types of skorts in the market, to suit the body types, styles, and preferences of the buyers. Some of the popular styles are; Ruffle skort, flip skort, pleated skort, and straight skort.

Straight Skort

Straight Skorts give you the comfortability if you are not confident with short skorts. They usually come with slits on their sides. The skorts come in sizes that range from short ones and long ones, up to the knee. These are the classic skorts, that were first adopted in sportswear. They give you the ease to move around when playing the sport, while maintaining a modest and graceful look.

Ruffle Skort

Ruffle skorts are for the ones who want to create a fashion statement while also being practical for the sport. It resembles a skirt with layers that hide the shorts underneath. They give a more feminine look and are pretty, however, they need to be short in order to be practical. This might not be comfortable for players who aren’t confident wearing shorter garments.

Flip Skort

Flip skort is a double layered skort that has a flip bottom. The skort is pretty and feminine, and are also practical for sports. Though, the flip layer makes it not ideal on a windy day. It might flap a little with wind.

Pleated Skort

Pleated skorts are not only fashionable and practical, but also give a sporty look. The skorts come in both box and stitched down pleats. The best thing of the skort is that, even if the wind flaps the pleats a little, you still have the built-in shorts under.

Cute Skorts to suit your body type

Rectangle body type – Ruffle skorts can give the best and cute look for a rectangle body type player. This is because it makes up for your curves and defines your slim legs to give a feminine look.

A straight skort also works well, as it gives a sporty look to your athlete body and defines it.

Apple body type – A ruffle skirt can work well to hide your lumps. It also comes with a minimal waistband to cover up your bumps and lumps. Ruffle skorts also help in defining your slim legs.

Hourglass and Pear body type – A pleated skort gives a cute look as it can define your curves and tiny waist, while also maintaining a sporty look.

A flip skort is the prettiest for your hourglass body, as it defines all your curves and tiny waist, while being modest and sporty.

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