An Insight into Chiropractic Treatment as a Remedy for Vertigo

Vertigo is a medical condition for which you may feel your head spinning, but you are in a motionless position. This unique medical condition named vertigo is directly related to problems with the inner ear. It gives you spinning symptom experience like dizziness.

We will discuss some crucial facts about vertigo and how chiropractic treatment for vertigo becomes effective in it in this article. It would be best to read the article to gain pieces of knowledge about both vertigo and its remedies.


What is vertigo?


Vertigo gives you an off-balance experience with other different causes and symptoms. You may feel like your surrounding areas are moving or swaying. It might appear to be difficult to do everyday tasks in such an imbalanced situation. Patient tries hard to maintain their balance, but it may become sever to worse day by day. According to the medical observation, vertigo is seen in elderly persons generally and can affect both sexes people.


What causes vertigo symptoms?


Three major causes can cause vertigo symptoms in you.


  • There is a vital condition that affects the inner ear, can cause vertigo. This condition is known as Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. It usually happens when the calcium particles mess up in the ear canals. The age factor is one of the common reasons for it.
  • Meniere’s disease is another main reason for vertigo. It occurs due to the sudden change of pressure in the ear or fluid buildup inside the ear. Moreover, these reasons can cause the loss of hearing function also.
  • Vestibular neuritis can cause the symptoms of vertigo as well. It is related to ear infection regarding swelling of the inner ear’s nerves.
  • Brain diseases can be a cause of vertigo in rare cases.


Symptoms related to vertigo


Few symptoms are related to vertigo. It would be best to go for a doctor’s checkup immediately if any of these following symptoms arise in your body.


  1. i) Swaying
  2. ii) Headache and sweating

iii) Spinning

  1. iv) Loss of hearing
  2. v)Unbalanced


Is chiropractic treatment effective in Vertigo?


Chiropractic treatment can be a good option for treating vertigo. The treatment type will depend on the particular symptom you have in your body. There are two types of chiropractic treatment available to treat vertigo, such as Epley Maneuver and Manipulation.


  1. i) Epley Maneuver


Epley Maneuver helps to wash out the debris inside the vestibulocochlear apparatus. This vestibulocochlear apparatus is known as the “balance center’’ of our body. So, we may experience head-spinning vertigo symptoms if any particle gathers inside there.


  1. ii) Manipulation


Manipulation assists the nervous system work properly. It also restores your balance and helps you to balance your pathways. If any wrong motion patterns appear about the body position in your upper neck, then the communication between your joint to the body becomes obstructed. So, a regular adjustment between your brain and the body, including the ear, lymph, and immune system, can do the job conveniently.


Chiropractor in OKC open Saturday, Chiropractic care can be effective when vertigo is caused by an ear infection also. This particular treatment helps patients to heal quickly and expediently.


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