Prevent Legionnaires Diseases with Proper Legionella Shower Filter Cleaning

Hygienic and clean showers are really necessary for prevention of legionella bacteria buildup in the shower. With Legionella bacteria, you get Legionellosis (which is a collection of diseases – extremely serious consequence of all these is Legionnaires disease).

The disease of legionnaires gets contracted through breathing tiny water droplets that are contaminated with Legionella. The legionnaires diseases include various forms of pneumonia and sickness. As an outcome, the legionnaire disease can become highly fatal.

Showers can act like a ground for breeding of the legionella bacteria –and water has suitable temperatures for pathogens of legionella to survive. Buildup of limescale (along with other residue forms) in shower can offer nutrition for bacteria for multiplication and growth.

A legionella shower filter works best along with other proven methods for prevention of legionella in shower!

Ways for prevention of legionella buildup in the shower

  • For killing any organisms, you need to detach shower head with running water at around 60 degrees Celsius for about 2 minutes regularly (breeding temperatures for legionella are around 20 to 45 degrees Celsius). The Bacteria is truly dormant at the temperatures below 20 degree Celsius but still, they can survive.
  • Well-maintained legionella shower filter products last for long time but these get changed when standard cleaning seems less effective. The buildups of minerals result in standard methods of cleaning for less impact.
  • It’s good to consider a thermostatic mixing valve. The valve can easily blend cold and hot water for prevention of scalding but this also lets the water get stored at higher temperatures.
  • You can consider having risk assessment for legionella if you’re an employer or have been in charge of any premises.

Shower Head and legionella Cleaning Tips

  • Make sure to take out the showerhead from pipe.
  • Take the showerhead apart while removing the detachable parts including filter screen.
  • Place these parts into sink and also soak these in baking soda mixture, hot water, and white vinegar.
  • You can make use of old toothbrush for removing stubborn buildup of residue.
  • Now, rinse the parts and refill sink with dish detergent mixture along with hot water. Later, soak parts for around 10 minutes.
  • Again empty sink and then boil a water kettle for pouring over cleaned parts for removing last of the cleaning agents – take caution to not scald you.
  • Dab it dry with the paper towel and also leave this in open for completely drying it before you reattach it to shower pipe.

Legionella water filters are efficient solutions for filtering the legionella along with other forms of bacteria in times of high readings of bacteria. This also serves as a continuous protective feature against bacteria with high-risk properties. In a lot of products, the filters can get changed for around 92 days.

Casing helps in replacement of filters, and they reduce waste and the expenditure after providing regulatory approved means for stopping the legionella pneumophilia, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other bacteria types from posing as a health issue. The products can be obtained in two variants – standard showers and medical showers.

Filter cartridge replacement becomes necessary after rate of water flow isn’t enough for the requirement. Even with getting less output, germ separation (legionella) from water is guaranteed with legionella shower filter.

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