Document Management and Storage Solutions

Information, documents and records are no doubt the lifeline of any organization, hence the need to manage and protect these extremely valuable assets. However, with so many cases of identity theft, business threats and information misappropriation, there is need to have a good information security plan in place. Fortunately, there are companies that are known for providing topnotch document and information management solutions. These usually offer:

1. Vital Records Storage

Whether you have blueprints, deeds, patents, historical records, contracts, archival photographs or any other vital records that you would like to protect, these companies can help. Being experienced providers of topnotch vital records protection services, they have secure and climate controlled storage facilities that provide optimal protection against extreme temperatures, moisture, contaminants and dust. Ideally, all of their storage solutions usually emphasize on safety, security and best practice.

2. Offsite Records Storage

If your office or business is cluttered with loads of files, documents and records that are using up most of your workspace, these companies have well-secured offsite record storage box Tulsa facilities that can meet your specific document storage needs. The professionals at the storage company will work in close collaboration with you in order to identify the records that need to be relocated to the storage facilities. Here they will be classified, tagged and tracked using RFID labels. Moreover, they will be made available on an intuitive records management portal for quicker locating and retrieval of any information you may need.

3.Document Scanning and Imaging

It is extremely difficult to maintain the efficiency, productivity as well as profitability of your business when your employees have to spend a lot of time filing and retrieving paper records. Fortunately, these companies are able to convert your hard copy documents into digital formats through document scanning and imaging. This will help to increase the employee productivity, greatly enhance your business processes and also improve your service delivery. Ideally, they can offer you;

a) Bulk Document Scanning Services

b) Scan-On-Demand Services

c) Medical Records Scanning

d) Document indexing and coding as well as

e) Day Forward Scanning Services among many other related services.

4. Document Shredding and Destruction

In the course of running your business or any other organization, there always comes a time when you need to destroy the outdated or unnecessary documentation. However, some of the documents could be containing vital or sensitive information that you do not want to get into the hands of any unauthorized person, competitors or even the media. However, you can trust these experts to provide you with topnotch document destruction. They have highly efficient shredding machines that will ensure that your documents are completely destroyed and properly disposed of. They are also known to offer safe and reliable non-paper shredding services where they can destroy the information that is stored in digital formats such as flash disks, CDs, DVDs, hard drives among other options.

The best thing about involving experts to help you meet your document management needs is that they normally observe strict professional and safety standards. You will therefore have the peace you mind you need in order to run your business operations uninterrupted. Their services will also free up your cluttered office or business premise, enhancing your efficiency and making your space to look professional.