What Are the Best Brand Monitoring Tools

How popular is your brand online? What the customer reviews are saying? These are the things you need to know when you are running a company and you need to know how people are responding to your services. You must have a social media presence for your company and you have to know if your customers are giving good comments and reviews for it. 

Once you can monitor the same you won’t have any issues planning the next marketing strategies and fulfilling the needs of your audiences. But monitoring this brand’s mention isn’t easy. You have to be careful when you are choosing the right approach for it. Let’s get to know about some tools, that will make your task easier. 


This is one of the best brand monitoring tool out there. It not only helps you to keep track of your company on social media platforms but it keeps track of other websites and checks how they are responding to your brand. With these helpful tools, you can monitor millions of places. The tool offers real-time, and instant data and immediately notifies you whenever someone mentions your brand. This way you can react and interact with the person almost at the same time. You won’t even have to leave the app to do this as you can react to the reaction from the application directly. You can tweet, and send messages to the customers or for any kind of inquiry. 

Social Mention

This tool tracks and sends information from social media platforms. No matter the site you are connected to like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It identifies different keywords and provides great insight into company interactions and discussions. This is very easy to understand and you can format the same. You will get a list of brand mentions from this app, but the work doesn’t stop here. The application offers information that strengthens your brand, and this is the thing that is often discussed on social platforms. If you are looking for a brand monitoring software, this app will help you profusely. You just have to install it and wait for the prompt results. 


If you want to track your brand mentions on every platform, the best option is to use Mention. With this thing, you can set up an alert and keep track of several sources in real-time. You can send a reply to the reactions from the app, as you won’t have to leave the application to do it. Mention is an easy tool to use as it allows you to collect information and create reports based on it. You can also share the alerts with your colleagues to boost the online reputation and presence of your company. 

This brand monitoring service tool also uses the scores of influencers, which gives you an insight into the commenter’s status of influence. The tool is very easy to use, as you can set up alerts for numerous categories and choose the action you want to track. This tool has a 14-day trial version, and you can use it to check its efficiency. 


There are other tools like Hootsuite, Talkwalker Alert, and so on. You can use these whenever you are looking for how to monitor brand mentions. Also, the above-mentioned tools are quite useful for the same purpose. 

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The Role of Federal Agencies and Why They Require Federal Agency Solutions

Government organizations are specially set up for a definite purpose which consists of resource management, oversight of financial industries, and issues pertaining to national security, known as the Federal Agencies. It comprises directors who are selected through presidential appointments.

federal technology consulting agencies are set up by the government of the respective countries to maintain the industries or the practices in need of careful oversight and expertise. Several of these organizations are responsible for government security issues like bonds and various stocks. Bonds supported by these agencies are trusted. The face value of these bonds at the time of maturity offer high-interest values than the treasury bonds. 

Type of Federal Agencies that requires cloud-based solutions

Defined below are some of the important agencies of the United States that federal technology solutions cater to:

  • Department of Homeland Security

This particular agency is responsible for issues related to public security in the United States. It visualizes securing the country from multiple threats in borders, ports or upon infrastructures. It executes its role through various homeland and border security operations. The department gives employment to approximately 240000 people.

  • Department of Treasury

The primary goal of this department is to create various job opportunities so that the country’s economy can be stable and strong. It works on conditions that promote economic growth and stability. Besides, other functions like strengthening national security and managing government resources and finances are some of the important functions incorporated under this agency.

  • Agency against Environment Protection

The US Environment Protection Agency is instrumental in promoting and protecting human health and the environment. It makes sure that the citizens of the country get clean water, air, and land to live in. It also promotes risk minimization through the application of various scientific procedures.

  • Department of Commerce

It creates conditions for catalyzing economic opportunity and growth. It is also instrumental in increasing job opportunities for individuals. The mission is achieved by the provision of vital information to uphold constitutional democracy.

Digital Transformation of the Federal Agencies

Agencies comprise customers who possess extraordinary demands. Thus, to deliver the same, several federal technology solutions are deployed. Expertise is applied to make sure that the agencies meet their goal and satisfy their customers as well.

  • Cybersecurity- As concluded from the name itself, cybersecurity is instrumental in reaching maximum extents to eliminate data breaching. Cybersecurity services offer the best defense against dangerous cyber attacks, thereby protecting information.
  • Artificial Intelligence- AI is the next generation’s best gift that humans have provided themselves with. It is efficient in improving the productivity of the agency. It helps the agencies through their business processes by analyzing data and promoting relationships between the employees and their customers.
  • Robotics- This automation process helps the staff with less complex tasks that are high in volume. They generally include calculation, queries, and transaction and record maintenance. 
  • FedRAMP- The particular Authorization Management Program tells the agencies to switch to modern cloud technologies. It is because they are secure and provides better protection. 


This is a world where technology evolves at a rapid rate. Thus, anything here needs to be agile and scalable to stand a chance against the other. Customer expectations are increasing as days pass by. Therefore, harnessing the above technologies are important to facilitate them and add to several federal government services and benefits of their own.

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Why Businesses Need Call Tracking Software

Call tracking makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of your advertisements and the ones that are bringing sales to your company. This is the initial step where the journey of a customer begins, and it leads to a better judgment of buying or not buying the product at the last step. When you use call tracking software, it offers better customer insights and optimizes the performance of the ad in the market. But more importantly, it monitors the experience of the customers, provides better services to buyers, and trains the call representatives. 

So, you understand why such software is important for a business. Let’s read about more benefits in this article. 

What Is A Call Tracking System

Based on the name, you already have an idea of what the best call tracking software system is. In a nutshell, this is software that records the data about incoming calls and the conversation between the attendees and the caller. Check out the services of a phone call tracker in the following list. 

  • UTM parameters and device type
  • Landing page
  • Marketing medium
  • Phone call recording
  • The geographical location of the caller
  • The numbers that called your business
  • The origin of the calls. 

Using this information, and other things you can compare the traffic generated by each call and you can revise your strategies as required. 

Uses of call tracking software

There are various uses of the best call tracking software. Businesses must require sharing consumer details with third parties. Let’s find out the uses of this system.

  • Determine the marketing channel- When you are handling a campaign it will be hard to track the outbound call tracking software. So with the software, you can get a list of the marketing channels that are driving the phone calls. With the help of the software, you can view which campaign delivered the calls. 
  • Keywords for the phone calls- online call tracking software increases the power of your efforts and give an insight into the keywords that are driving the conversation and the calls. Using visitor-level call tracking, the software will assign a number from your phone to reach out to the visitors, allowing you to know how they found you online and the identity of the caller. 
  • Improved ROI- when you can get hold of your callers from the campaign it will drive better ROI. You will get to know which campaign is driving the best calls, and you will gain insight into the customer types as well. 

Benefits of phone number masking

There are different benefits of call number tracking. Let’s explore the important traits.

  • Better insight into campaign data- It can be difficult to have a better insight into the campaign data, but with call tracking software you can do this task easily. You will know about the geographical location of the caller, the origin of the phone call, device type, UTM parameters, and so on. 
  • Improved customer experience- When a customer called, and you answered them immediately it will be a sign of good customer service. But when a customer outgoing call tracking software and you were unable o track their calls to talk to them; it will not help out in your business. You need to get hold of your customers and make sure they get the right services from you. 


Call tracking software is beneficial not only for ad campaigns but in the day-to-day business too. Make sure to hire the service of a reputed seller to get the best deal for the software.

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Why Are Mortgage Refinance Rates in Horry County Higher Than Home Purchase Rates?

When the mortgage refinance rates began to fall in 2020, many people refinanced their mortgages. They were excited to snag a 3.25% APR.

If you’ve lately compared mortgage refinance rates Horry County, SC in an effort to save money on the home loan, you might have noticed that they are higher than the rates of loan purchase.

It is the case for many large banks, even when, while the large institutions are not necessarily leaders of the big mortgage business anymore.

Understanding Mortgage Financing and House Purchase Loans

So why some big guys in the list have refinance rates and purchase rates with different points, APRs and pricing points?

For many beginners, there is a considerable difference between mortgage refinance and house loan, though both can process similarly and the underlying loans are also not very different.

Eventually, a house buying loan is for people who are yet to buy a property, whereas financing a mortgage is ideal for house owners who wish to redo their house loans.

Both have different objectives, but when the underlying loans are 30-year fixed mortgages with the same amounts of loans, the same borrower credit scores, and the same types of properties, why the rates are different? The answer is simple! Low default chances

House Buying Mortgage Have Least Chances of Defaults

There are main mortgages, like house purchase loans, term refinances, and rates for cash out. The first one is self-explanatory and has already been explained above, the second is redoing the current mortgage after you get a fresh loan term and interest rate, without making changes in the amount of the loan.

The final type has larger loan amounts at closing as you pull the equity from the house, which a layman can assume to bear high risk.

After all, in case a borrower owes a high debt, maybe with a higher payment for the monthly mortgage Horry County, SC, as an outcome, their risk of defaulting also rises.

To simply put it, when you pull out cash from your house, you also increase the outstanding loan balance, increase the ratio of loan to value and lessen your available equity for the home, increasing the risk.

In theory, this can result in mortgage refinance rates in Horry County for compensating high risk. Refinance rates are high, with everything being equal, for all lenders and banks.

The lowest Mortgage Rates are for House Purchase Loans

Here the reason is data. The important loan characteristics like LTV, DTI, and FICO score, indicate the lowest rates of default on term refinances and rates, it is house purchase loans that are the most performing ones. A possible reason is the faulty refinance appraisals that overvalue properties.

Irrespective of it, buying mortgages has the highest defaults after term refinances and rate and at last, cash-out refinances the last which makes sense.

Interestingly the characteristics of loans also point out that purchase mortgages and cash-out refinance can default with the same rate, yet they’re priced apart. Mortgage interest rates today Horry County, SC

End Note

Be careful about the assumptions that lenders provide while listing their mortgage rates. It can also be that you’re not comparing apples to apples, if there are other loan amounts, credit scores, LTVs, mortgage points, etc. However, know that mortgage refinances rates in Horry County are high as they default more than the purchase loans and it needs a high price for compensating for the high risk, as it is simple and plain.

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Siding Contractor in Oklahoma – Things to Know Before You Hire One

House siding replacement asks for money, time, investment, and efforts. It doesn’t only protect residents from the harsh climatic variations but can also add up to value and beauty. Siding contractors also help in changing the overall appearance of the house, therefore, before you select one, be careful about their proficiency, expertise, and way of working. Make sure that all companies don’t offer the same type of service.

The Characteristics of Professional Siding Contractor

Different siding contractors have different working methods. You can check online about their professionalism and work. It is suggested to collect information about the benchmark service providers of vinyl siding to get premium services. Their customer reviews and past projects also portray a lot about their expertise. Additionally, it also offers you a better understanding of their reliability. To select a siding contractor Oklahoma City, there are some important points you must consider.

Projected Costs and Payment Plan

Before working, make sure that the contractor offers you the project costs in a written estimate. It should also include their work fee, material expenditure, labor charges, and changing costs. Take an assessment from a few people before you select a company.

You should clear all the doubts before starting the work so your expectation and vision don’t get compromised. The payment process needs attention as it affects all your financial resources.

Initiating dates and estimated project cost, and project completion also come under the contract. They work like a warranty and liberate you of any future problems.

Licensing and Insurance

Before letting anyone work on your property you should have all details about their licenses and information. The contractor must offer you liability coverage proof, coverage for property damage, and insurance for workers’ compensation. It helps you cover any work associated accident on the site.

The siding contractor you select must also have all necessary licenses to work in your area. Licensing also helps in ensuring that you perform the work with the right standard and get all the right permits.

Experience on the Site

How much experience the siding contractor has in the installation and replacement of the siding? How many homes do they work on? Are they well versed with different home styles and how to work on them? Check out their online gallery to check for the work they do.

Additionally to the overall experience of the company, you should find whether they’ve got any awards, achievements and special qualifications.

Warranties on the Materials and Labor

There are different warranty periods for different siding bands. You should know how long the siding lasts, and what problem types are covered or not covered under the warranty. Also, look out whether the siding contractor you use installation and labor guarantees or not. Improper installation voids the product warranty so it is vital to know how the siding firms view their workmanship.

Siding Contractor Location

In the storm season, there are always chances of fly-by-night companies visiting the neighborhood, trying to make quick dollars after offering shoddy repairing works. It’s best to avoid such scammers by hiring local contractors. Roofing contractors OKC.


Local siding contractors that have a long track record of serving your area are generally the best choices. Mostly you’ll find their staff in the town and you also know their local reputation. They’re also simple to find if problems arrive after installation.

Signing a contract with the right siding contractor can be a simple task with these steps as it means that you get the best in superior products, skilled workmanship, and customer service.  Sometimes siding contractors with roofing contractors in Oklahoma City are best to get the perfect crossover in work practices and skills for roofing and siding.

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Top Reasons Why Your Chrysler Needs Regular Service And Maintenance

Chrysler cars and automobiles are built to last. However, their regular service and maintenance ensure that you have a hassle-free experience of car ownership and can prevent accidents and other random untoward incidences. Leading garages and dealerships provide competent Chrysler service OKC at affordable rates. Below are some important reasons why cars (including the Chrysler cars) need timely maintenance for optimal functioning and prolonged life.

Expert Maintenance Schedule

A leading car and expert Chrysler service center and dealership in the USA will have a well-defined standard operating procedure (SOP) and checklist for servicing a Chrysler. Each month a regular maintenance schedule is carried out that checks for issues including tire pressure exterior lights and fluid levels, among other issues. Oil should also be changed at an appropriate time. The monthly inspection schedule will inspect the brakes, and tire rotation, and will inspect and change the filter as well.

  • The service and maintenance program Is more elaborate after the car has covered 20,000 miles. It is a more thorough inspection and service program that may require the inspection of the brake lining, front suspension, air conditioning, and inspection and maintenance of other major components of the car.
  • Once the car completes 100,000 miles, it requires replacement of the spark plugs and an inspection and/or replacement of the power electronics as well. The PCV valve Is another important car component that may require an inspection and replacement after this much time.
  • If your car has covered more than 150,000 miles it may require special maintenance. An expert service provider will inspect the tensioner, idler pulley, and drive belts and may replace them if required.

All the different parts and components of your car have a life and may wear out after a certain period. A car service schedule conducted by experts can ensure that these issues can be found out early and proper repair or replacement procedures can be carried out.

Better Safety

Your car will be a lot safer if it is serviced regularly. The parts will not break down suddenly and other larger issues and accidents will be prevented as well for the well-maintained and regularly serviced car.

Cost Effective

Finding out an issue with your car early can be a highly cost-effective solution. Cars that do not undergo regular service and inspection may face grave troubles such as engine failures and others, which may involve a huge expenditure later on. The experts know which areas to look into after a certain number of miles and kilometers have been covered by the car. There are also mobile car repair services available that can carry out certain inspections and service procedures at your doorstep itself. It is a hassle-free way to ensure that the car is in good health and you own it more cost-effectively.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Maintenance of the car include procedures including cleaning or replacement of the filter, changing engine oils, and other that may ensure that the car uses the least fuel and functions optimally. You can save a lot more money when compared to what you spend on fuel and auto repair OKC if you get your car serviced regularly.


Servicing the car regularly not only ensures its good health but also keeps its market/resale value high. It prevents sudden breakdowns and ensures that the car consumes the least amount of fuel. Reach out to a leading expert car service provider for your Chrysler now and buy a long-term service plan for even greater savings best Auto repair shops OKC.

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Chiropractor for Sciatica Nerve Pain Near Me – Ideal For Sciatica Sufferers

When you suffer from sciatica nerve pain, it can feel like your life has come to a screeching halt. It can make it hard to enjoy doing the things you love, including taking care of yourself, socializing with friends and family, working, and more.

While there are many ways to treat sciatica nerve pain (such as physical therapy), there are also natural ways to reduce the symptoms of sciatica that can complement more traditional treatment methods. One effective natural way to combat the symptoms of sciatica is spinal manipulation by a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me. Can a chiropractor help with sciatic nerve pain?

What Is A Good Chiropractor?

A good chiropractor is one who accurately finds the source of sciatica and treats it accordingly. He or she will use a variety of techniques, including spinal manipulation, to help relieve your pain.

A good chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me will also take the time to educate you on how to prevent future episodes of sciatica. If you are looking for a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me, be sure to find one who is experienced and has a good reputation.

Why Go To A Good Chiropractor?

When you are in pain, the last thing you want to do is move. But, getting professional help from a chiropractor can make a world of difference. If you are looking for a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me, there can be many benefits of spinal manipulation that may help convince you to give it a try.

When you’re in pain, you would want to make your back problems better faster; and that is where you would be looking for a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me may be just what you need. An expert chiropractor can apply gentle spinal manipulation therapy that can help relieve back and neck pain as well as headaches and other musculoskeletal symptoms. Sciatic Pain Chiropractor Longview.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Upon visiting a chiropractor, at first, he will examine your complete health history and based on the check of previous health records, you will undergo a physical examination. Once the chiropractor does a diagnosis, he will develop a treatment plan for your sciatica accordingly.

How much does this cost?

When looking for a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me, it may cost anywhere from $30 to $200 per session. The number of sessions needed will depend on the severity of your sciatica and how well you respond to treatment. It is to be noted that many people require a few sessions whereas others need ongoing care. The good news is that many insurance plans cover chiropractic care, so be sure to check with your provider to see if this is an option for you. Sciatica neuralgia reviews.


At the end of the day, if you are looking for a chiropractor for sciatica nerve pain near me, this effective therapy can, no doubt, give you complete relief from pain, and help your body heal itself, improving the overall range of motion in your entire body.

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Different Types of Interior Doors

Houses have several interior doors and they have different functions. While you can choose one to guard your privacy, then another for soundproofing. You can also use a door to just make a space between huge areas. The material of the door can be glass in this case.

However, before you make any decision you have to consider a few things about interior doors. You can choose from paneled doors, a color that suits your home walls, the material of the door, and so on. If you are remodeling your house or just decorating the new place you have to keep some important things about interior doors. First, let’s know about the materials.

Solid wood

When you want to choose the wood you can ask for help from the services of Interior doors Oklahoma. They will assist you to choose the wood you want and the one that will give you a long-time service. Make sure you choose a reputed agency as they will be reliable and provide you the best types of woods for the doors. You can choose from maple, ash wood, and many other options. A good company will give you the best things.


This is another type of material that is generally used to make interior doors. This is a medium-density board of fiber and you will get a moderate price option with this choice. If the cost is in your mind, then this will be cheaper than solid wood. This material also blocks noise from the outside and won’t let any sound escape from the inside. So if you are concerned to keep privacy this is the best option.

Hollow-core doors

If you are looking for a more affordable rather cheap option, you can choose hollow core interior doors OKC. You have to choose an agency for Interior doors in Oklahoma, and they will give you a detail about the type. This material is made from composite items or plywood, but the inside of it is not solid but hollow. The door is generally lighter than other materials but it allows more sound to pass through it. So, if you are looking for a privacy option, this is not the thing you should opt for. However, these doors can be hung easily and have a lower cost than the others. They also work well for any room you have like a kitchen, patio, and bathroom doors.

Glass doors

Glass doors are set with metal or wood frames. You purchase a full effect of the material on the floors, as they are called frameless doors. However, if you want to go with this type it will be hard to install and maintain. If you go for the combination of metal, wood, and glass it will be easier for you to tend. Also, this is the most usual type. Glass doors enhance the beauty of a house and allow more light flow inside the rooms. It’s always the best idea to use such doors for interior use.


There are is also solid core doors that are a bit different and the design is similar to the hollow core, but they are filled with a blend of wood fiber. Although not made of solid wood but used a filler product it gives a better effect. This material adds more effect for soundproofing and guards against extreme temperatures. However, the cost is more than solid Wood doors OKC. But whatever you choose you to have to select a reputed service for interior doors in OKC.

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The Importance of Commercial Electrician

In any commercial or residential complex/property, electricity plays a great role. It’s a crucial part of the daily operations of any building. The electrical system is an integral part of any building and needs to be maintained strictly by professionals. Unprofessional handling of the electrical system can be really dangerous. There comes the role of a commercial electrician.  If one finds any electrical issue in a commercial building one needs to hire a professional commercial electrician. Once you hire a professional commercial electrician OKC, your building’s electrical system is in safe hands.

Read below to know more about the role of a commercial electrician in our daily life.

Who is a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician is a professional who has expertise and knowledge in the wiring & electrical system of a commercial property. Unlike residential electricians, a commercial electrician has the license to work with massive structures and large electrical systems. Generally, they work at commercial buildings like retail malls, restaurants, government buildings, corporate offices & other high-rising complexes. They are specifically trained in this field to handle tight situations.

Why hire a professional commercial electrician instead of a local electrician?

Following are the reasons why hiring an experienced commercial electrician in OKC is so important:

Maintains the electrical system of a property end-to-end

Any issue with the electrical system or equipment of a commercial building can hamper the daily operations of the building. Proper maintenance is required to let them work effectively and smoothly. A commercial electrician will maintain the electrical system end-to-end and prevent any mishaps. Also, they help to extend the overall lifespan of the electrical system of a building.

The property’s electrical equipment is under safe hands

They keep the entire building safe from any electrical mishap. Any issue with the electrical system can lead to safety hazards. Hiring a professional commercial electrician means the employees, tenants, clients; staff and everybody working in the building are in safe hands.

They help to reduce the property’s overall energy consumption

Certain unnoticeable issues often lead to more energy consumption and thereby increase the monthly electricity cost. During inspection done by a commercial electrician, he might be able to point out small issues with the electrical system that is costing you more on the electricity bill.

Reduce unnecessary costs of repair

Property owners often find it unnecessary to spend money on hiring a commercial electrician for the maintenance of the electrical system.  While the truth is in the long run it will actually help you save money.  A professional electrician has the right equipment and knowledge to maintain your property’s electrical system in such a way that in the long run, you do not need to spend a hefty amount on repairing it. Electrician Edmond OK.


A commercial electrician in OKC ensures property owners that the business and daily operations of the building will run smoothly without any disruptions. And therefore you can save a lot on unnecessary expenses. So what are you waiting for? Hire the best commercial best electricians OKC and stay stress-free!

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Why Businesses Use Third Party Corporate Research Firm

For long market research has been one of the most helpful strategies for all types of firms. Being backed by corporate research firm helps individuals and companies to shape better strategies and marketing plans. The process requires a high amount of research which is done to implement the most helpful strategies to form core decisions for the firm. Businesses should have the right facts and figures to deal with changing market environment to make their every move worthwhile.

Let’s outline some main factors making it a sound decision to invest in a reliable and reputable corporate research company.

Businesses Can Enhance Their Market Position

The age-old saying knowledge is power is true in the case of businesses and investing in the right research firm always keeps you a step ahead. The best businesses are guided by the right business research firms and they get a better understanding and perspective of the target audience and market. It always lets them ensure that they’re ahead of the competition.

It Reduces Any Investment Risks

Corporate research firms make things simple for their clients and sometimes it is a necessity. Businesses spend a little part of the total investment on market research and tests for product ideas or concepts which is integral for the business.

Confidentiality For Brand Awareness

Another benefit of using a corporate research firm tied to confidentiality is it blinds the study. When an organization needs to measure the awareness and perception of the brand in the community and your name or logo can be seen in the online survey, you should expect better outcomes.

A third party that blinds research (With respondents not having any knowledge of the sponsor) maximizes their outcomes.

Get Expert Help

A third-party corporate research firm is perfect for your organization for talent acquisition that they can’t find internally.

It is there in the form of a skilled moderator to run focus group sessions. Or, the market knowledge and trade ability come through unique analysis or time-proven strategies like discrete choice or regression.


The best benefit businesses get is capabilities. When talking about abilities, we also state certain market research resources or survey tools that you might not have for in-house access.

Market survey tools of professional corporate research firms let you access real-time data from deep analysis and surveys with many skip patterns. Find the top corporate social media agency in the US.

With the most reputed business analytics and research firm, you get more quantity and contract discounts. This draws more suppliers towards you to initiate future business.


With the perfect corporate research and analysis tools for reliable companies, clients are able to collect knowledge of the target market and fulfill their business objectives. Ultimately they are able to find the right position for their firm. The combined efforts are directed towards a spike in sales figures or they invest all the resources towards more profitable products.

Stockholders get a brief idea the business has a good standing and it maintains and analyses its position in the industry, offering itself the right evaluation tools for benchmarking growth.

Draw more prospects for your business by investing in a trustworthy corporate research project firm. Grow marketing strategies, emphasize the right products and services, and get other benefits like budget planning, etc.

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